Insurance or no insurance, that is the question in dallas tx

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The question we're asked most in our office - do you accept my insurance for chiropractic care in Dallas TX?

The very short answer to this question is "no." The long answer, which covers why we do not bill any insurance, takes a few minutes to explain.

Insurance for services in dallas tx

The first reason is the most fundamental. We do not believe routine chiropractic care should be covered by insurance! Now, after an accident or injury, we're all for insurance picking up the tab to accommodate short-term, acute care. However, the vast majority of patients in most chiropractic offices do not fall into this category. Yes, many will have neck pain, low back pain, headaches, sciatica, etc., but these symptoms do not stem from a specific accident or injury, they are the result of general lifestyle factors. And, in our opinion, routine wellness care should not be covered by insurance. Most chiropractors advise preventative care to improve overall health and counteract lifestyle effects on the body, and this type of care is not paid for by insurance companies, as this is not the goal of health insurance.

Second, insurance is a beating for healthcare providers. Even though health insurance premiums are increasing, insurance companies are fighting tooth and nail to pay less and less for the services they "cover." This means doctors are having to fight to be paid, and all the while, the reimbursements are decreasing. This adds to both the overhead cost and general frustration of healthcare practices, and the cost and attitude are passed on to you, the patient!

Lastly, because insurance is a third party, insurance companies require "proof" that care was "medically necessary." Pain and discomfort are not reason enough to be seen. So, doctors then perform extra exams and diagnostic tests, many of which do not improve care nor patient outcomes, just to get paid. These irrelevant procedures take time and money, and are a frustration for everyone involved. With our program, you pay for the care you need and want, eliminating the hassle of extra expenses.

As a cash-pay office, we have removed the insurance billing process in its entirety, eliminating the largest source of expense and frustration. This allows us to operate efficiently and provide high-quality care at a fair price for all parties. It's a win-win for our healthcare providers and our patients!

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