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Jordy was born and raised in Dallas. She attended Greenhill School and then majored in biology at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. After graduating, she enjoyed a nearly six-year career in financial planning at Northwestern Mutual. While sitting at the front desk of mend, she greatly enjoyed being a part of the patient experience, as well as utilizing her skills in office management and operations.

She completed a year-long certification program in holistic health and nutrition in January 2021, and is embarking on her dream of helping her clients live their happiest, healthiest lives through her practice right within the mend office!

Jordy and Dr. Graham met shortly after he moved to Dallas TX for chiropractic school. They were married in 2014, welcomed their son in 2016, and the family of three enjoys traveling, cooking, being outdoors, and watching baseball.

As a holistic health coach, Jordy loves working with her clients to achieve healthy lifestyle changes. Understanding how to properly fuel your body and focus on nourishment, not punishment, is key. When it comes to exercise, it's critical to participate in activities that make you feel strong and healthy, rather than depleted and drained. Chronic stress is rampant in our society, and contributes to inflammation and degradation of your body, so managing it is of vital importance. Adequate quantity and quality of sleep ensures your body regulates and detoxifies for optimal function. Jordy believes in striving for balance, not perfection, and that anyone can make a significant difference in their health and happiness with a commitment to even small changes.

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