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5 tips for easing back into summer activities in dallas tx

5 TIPS FOR EASING BACK INTO SUMMER ACTIVITIES in Dallas TX The summer weather is here and with the official start of summer less than a week away, many of you will be getting outdoors, ramping up your physical activities. But as you engage in fun summer adventures, you’ll want to avoid injuries to your…

5 inflammatory foods to avoid when you have joint pain in dallas tx, part two

5 INFLAMMATORY FOODS TO AVOID WHEN YOU HAVE JOINT PAIN IN DALLAS TX, PART TWO Welcome back! In part one of our short blog series, we began looking at foods that can contribute to joint inflammation in Dallas TX. These foods include: Saturated Fats Trans fats Refined and simple sugars Refined carbohydrates Oils and fried…

Debunking 3 common myths of chiropractic care in dallas tx, part two

Debunking 3 Common Myths of Chiropractic Care in Dallas TX, Part Two There are many beliefs and misconceptions about the field of chiropractic. From thinking that chiropractors are not real doctors to assuming that chiropractic adjustments hurt and that chiropractic care is unsafe for children – we have heard it all. Visit part one of…

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